Lang’s Farm Village Association


Lang’s Farm Village is a community partner of William G. Davis and provides our school and community with many vital supports. Lang’s believes that, “Every person in our neighbourhoods will have a place to call home for health, wellness and community support.   Please visit the link above for more information pertaining to services provided by Lang’s and watch our School Calendar for co-organized community events.

Lang’s Farm Services Connected to Students at WGD

  • Youth and Teen Centre – 581 E Lang’s Drive (519)653-1263
    • Breakfast Club (Tuesday and Thursday 7:45-8:50 50 cents)
    • Open Gym
    • Leadership training
    • Hangout with friends
    • Do homework
    • Listen to music
    • Play foosball and pool
    • Use the computer
    • Talk with a youth worker
      • Please see website for full details
  • Community Health Centre – 1145 Concession Rd.
    • Staff of physicians and nurse practitioners for family check-ups
    • Workshops on important health and wellness topics
    • Counseling services for individuals and families
    • Dietitian and nutrition services
    • Speech and Language services for pre-schoolers
    • Social Work Services