During the proposed amalgamation of the Preston Board of Education with the Waterloo County Board of Education, monies had been set aside for a new senior public school in Preston. With the ratification of merger, the governing body for the Preston Board of Education decided to spare no expense in building what is today William G. Davis Senior Public School. The architect and builder made certain to include features in this new school that would give it a distinctive character. The courtyard, the size and hardwood floor of the gymnasium and the skylight are a few of these special features. The builder even created the beautiful tile mosaic you see upon entrance into our school.

The school is named after the former Tory premier William Grenville Davis, the 18th premier of Ontario. He held power with his party from 1971 to 1985 and continues to be a great supporter of public education today. While holding the title of Education Minister, he established many new elementary schools, supported several key post secondary institutions across Ontario including Trent and Brock Universities, as well as twenty-two community colleges.

William G. Davis Senior Public School was originally nicknamed ‘The Crusaders’, but this was changed to ‘The Razorbacks’ to add to its uniqueness. The school was opened 45 years ago in 1968 and had as its principal R. J.Steckley. Davis has always been a community school it serves the needs of Prestonians and is a vital part of the fabric of this great community.