Principal’s Message

The William G. Davis staff are very proud of the level of academic performance our students achieve. We work diligently to employ learning strategies that optimize learning both in and outside of the classroom. Our students are number one and our dedication to ensure that their environment is one of caring and inclusion is second to none.

As a school and Board, we continue to strive to optimize learning and achievement for all of our students.  Our students are your children and I invite you to continue your involvement on their educational  journey.  It is vital to the benefit of our students/children that we work together in an environment of professional, honest and respectful communication.  By building and maintaining a strong bond between parents and educators, we will be able to assist every child to achieve their potential.

Davis is an exciting, caring, inclusive, high achieving school and we continue to be leaders in the county; we are very proud of our accomplishments and continue to strive for excellence athletically, artistically and academically.

Brian Ward

….Go Razorbacks!