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WGD Digital Device Policy

William G. Davis believes that technology can be a powerful tool to enhance learning. We have spent a great deal of time discussing Digital Citizenship –the safe, legal and ethical use of technology. The concept of Digital Citizenship is one that encourages students themselves to be responsible for making positive decisions regarding their use of [...]

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Change of EARLY Entry Bell

Change of EARLY Entry Bell As a note of clarification an early entry bell is no longer rung for WGD students at 8:15.  This change does not affect bussing, instructional time or the supervision of students.  Duty teachers will still be present to supervise students in the school yard by 8:15.  However, students will now [...]

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Graduation Photos

Attention all grade 8 Grads! Graduation picture proofs have now been handed out. Please use the order form provided and submit payment to your homeroom teacher by Friday, March 6th.

February 23 – All schools open & buses are running

Transportation is running and schools are open today.

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Why were our schools closed Friday?

The WRDSB has put in place a frigid temperature threshold in our severe weather procedure primarily for three reasons related to the safety of our students:

1. According to Environment Canada, at -35C exposed skin can freeze within 10 minutes. Environment Canada indicates that in temperatures between -28 to -39 there is a high risk of exposed skin freezing (frostnip or frostbite). This temperature is very unusual for our region and some students may not have the appropriate clothing to protect themselves.

2. Most students will take longer than 10 minutes to walk to school and the bused students may wait for an extended period of time should any bus be delayed.

3. We are unable to guarantee crossing guard service to our students as individual crossing guards have a right to maintain their safety given that they are exposed for extended periods of time in frigid temperatures.

The Education Centre remains open and is fully operational.

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Provincial Report Cards

The First Term Provincial Report Cards Come Home Monday! Razorbacks, remember to reflect on “Your Best Work” & “Goals For Improvement” on the 3rd page and return them to your advisor teacher with a parent or guardian signature. Parents and Guardians, please take the time to review these reflections with your students as they prepare for [...]

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February 20 – All Schools are Closed & Buses Cancelled

Due to frigid temperatures, all schools are closed today and all buses are cancelled. All Extended Day Programs are also closed. The Education Centre remains open for those who can safely arrive to work.

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When do Schools Close Due to Weather?

Our procedure for severe weather  provides guidelines and expectations for school closings due to severe weather, and how this information is communicated to our families.

Severe weather refers to conditions such as ice, fog, rain, sleet, snow, wind and/or frigid temperatures and wind chills. We consider a frigid temperature to be -35C with wind chill, or colder.

The general manager of Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region (STSWR) will monitor weather and temperatures in the region beginning at 5:30am, using Environment Canada’s wind chill index. If the temperature is forecasted to reach or exceed -35C with wind chill at 7:00am, buses will not operate and schools will be closed. The education centre will be open to those employees who can safely arrive to work.

How do we communicate cancellations or closures?

Decisions relating to cancellations and closures are made by 6:00am. Any cancellations and closures will be posted on our website and school websites. Information will also be available on our twitter account (@wrdsb). We encourage you to monitor our website and listen to local media for up-to-date cancellation and closures.

Parents have the option of keeping their children at home when concerned about weather conditions.

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Year End Elective Fundraising

This year the staff at William G. Davis P.S. have decided to take part in a fundraising project to help subsidize the cost of our year end electives. To help us reach our goal, we will be working with Preferred Fundraising promoting the sale of World’s Finest Chocolate Covered Almonds. We feel confident that you [...]

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Year End Elective Activities!

Sign-up for the Davis Electives Program! We are looking forward to providing many activities for students to celebrate an excellent school year in the second last week of June. The Elective Program at William G. Davis will run Wednesday June 17th – Friday June 19th. Our goal is to offer a wide range of activities [...]

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University of Waterloo Engineering Explorations

WHERE? The Faculty of Engineering, University of Waterloo. WHO’S INVITED? You, your parents, siblings, and friends in grades 6, 7 and 8. YOUR HOSTS? The Engineering students, faculty and staff. WHAT’S PLANNED? 1.5 hours of displays and tours to highlight a few of the interesting problems that society asks engineers to solve. Explorations 2015 Flyer 2 (click [...]

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February 2 – All Schools CLOSED

Due to weather, ALL schools are CLOSED today. All Extended Day Programs are closed as well. The Education Centre is open for those who can get there safely.

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2014 Director’s Annual Report

The 2014 Director’s Annual Report is now available! Each year, the Director is required to submit a report to the Ministry of Education, highlighting the achievements of the past year. Our Annual Report gives the local community a snap shot at what students and staff have achieved. Awards, good news stories and  achievements in learning [...]

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Razorback Science Fair

Science Fair Projects and Implied vs. Informed Consent – It’s Science Fair season at William G. Davis! Students are doing all kinds of inquiry projects and testing a wide range of hypotheses. Some projects require volunteers to do simple tasks such as complete an anonymous simple survey, pick a random number, follow a pattern, listen to [...]

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Red Maple Reading Contest

Library News! The Red Maple 2015 reading contest has gotten off to a very successful start with about 60 Razorbacks participating. Students are busy reading the 10 books short listed in each of the fiction and the non-fiction categories of the Ontario School Library Association’s Red Maple Award. Students who read at least 5 of the [...]

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